Ancestors of the Grant/Gill/Taylor families

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Links to websites containing more information about these families

Grant family:-

1. The Cheeryble Grants

2. In the Shadow of the Cairngorm - the Cheeryble Brothers

3. Clan Grant - wikipedia

4. Clan Grant - website (UK)

5. Unofficial website Clan Grant (UK)
         (includes a complete list of the Chiefs of Grant)

6. Clan Grant - website (US)

7. Clan Grant Society(SW USA)

8 .Clan Grant Society ( Seattle, USA)

9. Clan Grant - website (Canada)

10.The Grant DNA project

Taylor family:-

1. Belhelvie a Millenium of History - Aberdeenshire (Taylor family)

Gill family:-

1. The National Archives of South Africa (NASA) searchable database (free)

2. A Gill family page













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